Victorian Seasonal Greetings


Simple Seasonal Greetings on the Victorian card produced by Raphael Tuck (circa 1880).  Whilst its style may be that of days gone bye the symbolism is still that of today. 

22nd December

(C) David Oakes2015

(A Victorian Card from the David Oakes-Images Collection)


9 thoughts on “Victorian Seasonal Greetings

  1. I so love those old cards. The colours are fantastic! And the wish is universal. I had a wonderful YULE day yesterday. After Twelve days and Twelve nights I will take the tree down again and all the decorations as well. The Light is back. It has returned. For those who think every second of more light counts, it is already happening in the evening. The next week it will still be darker in the mornings but from the 5th of January it’s full blast! 😀
    Speaking of the light…. I forgot the temperatures and everything that’s coming in bloom right now. Daffodils, crocusses, snowdrops, forsythia, trees with those hanging thingies (we call them little cats because they are quite furry and they are the females, while the males are round and hard. The females cause allergic reactions in some people). It is totally off when you see a tit starting to build a nest…. 🙂

    For those who celebrate Christmas: have a wonderful Christmas you all.

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