I Must have Blinked…cause I Missed It!


Red Stag

It used to be called a “Pending” tray…most if not all desks had one.  It was were you put letters and things that you needed to keep for later action or just simply somewhere to put things that you thought might be important but couldn’t do anything about right now. I have something similar on my computer Hard Drives, folders where I place images I feel I will be returning to in the very near future.

So where does the Stag fit in and why hadn’t I just filed it safely away in its proper indexed folder?

Well think back to just a few weeks ago.  I was commenting on just how late autumn was this season.  We were also keeping a close eye on the Red Deer in our small part of the world as it was supposed to be the Rutting Season.  Despite reports from other locations that the Rut had belatedly and somewhat half heartedly started, our Derbyshire Stags remained calm, quiet and relaxed.

To this day I cannot tell you if indeed they did Rut.  I admit that close eye was not 24hour watch but still regular and we witnessed no Boving, no fights, no rutting and no dishevelled Stags….so did they or didn’t they. If they did, and surely the must have at some point, I must have missed it.

So time to file the image away….and wait for nature to take its course.  Should little Deer arrive then I must have blinked.

Red Stag Scent Marking his Territory

2nd January
(C) David Oakes 2016


11 thoughts on “I Must have Blinked…cause I Missed It!

  1. They just might have taken their business somewhere else, you know? Perhaps ‘the most beautiful girl in the woods’ lives over the next hill these days?

  2. Ah, these are beautiful. When he is standing under the tree, lifting his head to reach the leaves – the world is still a wonder!

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