Far too Soon….


Dwarf Iris 

January 6th and all over the garden early shoots of our Spring Bulbs are thrusting there way up into daylight…..much earlier than is usual.  It must be the mild weather we have been having which is far from the usual winter temperatures.  Whilst it has also been wet, so far we have had only one very light frost and no snow…..an unusual winter to say the least.

Green shoots are one thing but this morning we welcomed the very first of the flowers to come….This Dwarf Yellow Iris has arrived to brighten one of our patio pots….all alone, but for how long?

6th January

(C) David Oakes 2016


18 thoughts on “Far too Soon….

    • Morning Scott, I have for some time now been suggesting (a rather half baked idea I know) that the seasons have been slowly moving back by about 2 weeks each year for about 5 years now. i.e. spring starts later, summer starts later, and so on. Maybe this year is the year when the seasons have moved back as far as they can and is meeting itself coming back.! I hear today that next week we can expect winter with widespread snow and ice…maybe so! But my thoughts go to those who are hit by flooding where a bad situation will then get worse.

  1. I love the colour of this flower. The cow parsley is out here, as well as some forsythia flowers and daysies and some other Spring messengers. But we have had dull, grey and rainly weather with the exception of the North of the country where they had this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvQP3OVMYO4
    Honestly…. the ice rain that fell there turned the streets into ice. Kid loved it! Not just the ones under 20, but I have seen people skate on their street who were defintely my age or a wee younger. (Psst, I’m 66. 🙂 )

    Honestly, how much fun this looks, it is’nt really. Schools, shops, offices were closed (some still are). There were no busses and few trains because of the ice on the electric wires and the high voltage wires were ‘dancing; because of the hard winds and all the ice. Spectacular at night, all the flashed of blue light. Hospitals postponed operations on people. It is said to change today and tomorrow. Lots of ‘warm’ rain comes in from the SW. Tomorrow kids go back to school, busses will go as usual, hospitals will work normally again, farmers do no longer need to flush the milk (it couldn’t be collected) and the shops do no longer need to throw away good food…

    I really do not wish this to you, David. I do prefer this early Spring: http://www.stinzentuin-mildenburg.nl/index_htm_files/1176.jpg
    Yep, this one is going fast… 🙂

    • I am not getting too excited…the Forecasters predict freezing conditions next week and for the next two weeks at least…bad news for the plants that are trying to insist that it is spring!

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