Colder….but not yet Winter


White Edge Moor, North Derbyshire

New Year has passed and mid January draws closer…yet as yet we have had only one light frost, no snow but lots of rain!

But given a few hours break and the moors are great for a winter walk.  True it is colder than for awhile mainly due to the easterly wind but being honest far from as cold as it might (or should) have been.

8th January

(C) David Oakes.2016


7 thoughts on “Colder….but not yet Winter

  1. Missing the cold? You may have some from us. During the last week our lowest reading have been minus 8 degrees Celsius and the top a freezing 17,6. That’s where I live! Moving up north, the reports reach minus 41,8 degrees C! You’ll be welcome! 🙂

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