Forward Thinking…..!


Lea Rhododendron Gardens, Derbyshire

Weather this late autumn and now winter that has been strange, not to pattern and with un-seasonably high temperatures.  True there have been odd bright spells, indeed we have taken every advantage of them to get out and about.

It has though, well so far this winter, been wet, dull and dreary.

So Spring, and all that it brings with it, does seem so very far away….and as it is now nearly half way through January our darkest month, I thought a glimpse on what Spring will have to offer would cheer us all.

14th January

(C) David Oakes 2016


6 thoughts on “Forward Thinking…..!

  1. I hpope it helps. We awoke to a blistring minus 17 deg. C this morning, and the forcast promises thatr we’ll see minus 25 – possibly 30 through the coming week! That’s gonna be fun!

    • Our forecaster have been saying all week that it is going to get bad. supposed to snow yesterday but it didn’t, again we were expecting overnight snow but again it didn’t. Our local temperature at this moment is 2deg.C …cold with the wind but at least the 2 deg. is PLUS not minus! Dull and damp.

  2. And here they promis us a cold weekend. More in the N.E. again than in the S.W. where I live. We can expect sleat, some hail, strong winds and temperatures above freezing point. I did buy myself two bunches of yellow tulips at Lidl’s. Good for a weekend, I hope. In a white vase it’s very spring like. Many of the daffodils are in full bloom, and some are already past that! Weird.

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