Snow…No, Snow Berries…..


Snow was the forecast for today…we should have woken to a covering of white…but our little climatic bubble again seems to have avoided the worst of the weather.  The nearest we have got to snow so far are these Snow Berries (not sure of the proper botanical name)   they are also called the White Hedge for the obvious reason as it is rather invasive and forms a great winter hedge.

By this afternoon the sun tried hard to put in an appearance and towards the late afternoon managed to break the cloud cover and once again graced our woodlands with a wintery glow that looked much warmer than the reality on a day when our temperature reached a dizzy 4 Deg C. but we also  had a north wind blowing just to remind us it was January.  I know ……. think ourselves lucky as we are not in the minus band yet!



Not a bad end to the day

14th January
(C) David Oakes 2016


4 thoughts on “Snow…No, Snow Berries…..

  1. I haven’t known these snow berries 🙂 They seem so beautiful. Of course all photographs are so beautiful too. I can see how nice the weather there, unbelievable. In here, snow is expected again… but the weather is not cold… so makes all people sick… not normal. I am better this morning and once again Thank you dear David, it was terrible a few days for me. Have a nice day, Love, nia

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