Jack Frost vanishes….


Overnight between the 14th & 15th of January we had our first frost of the winter.

The clear skies that accompanied the frost also brought with it an early bright sun which killed jack Frost faster than many of us got out of bed.

So by the time I got to the woods all traces of frost had gone but in its wake a morning that was much more spring like than it should for mid January.


15th January

(C) David Oakes 2016


9 thoughts on “Jack Frost vanishes….

  1. Jack’s crossed the North Sea. He’s here right now. Snow and ice again in the North East. We were lucky sofar: nowt of the slippery stuff. It looks like a proper winter week till Thursday. Frost at night, just above zero during the day with plenty of sunshine and finally (!!) less wind. That will be a relief when I am on my bike to meetings and shop[s and such.

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