Backs to the Sea…..


The Old Port and Village of Ravenglass, Cumbria

No shelter from the winds and high seas from across the North Atlantic and Irish Sea for the residents of Ravenglass. It is also here that three rivers merge, the Mite, Irt and Esk; and you can imagine on a rough high tide that the winds could whip up quite a storm.

Now a shadow of its former self, Ravenglass is just a small stop on the tourist trail on the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria.

But Ravenglass was once a busy port, though the similarity with modern ports is hard to find.  In its heyday’s ships would be driven up at high tide onto the flat beach.  In the lull between tides cart loads of goods would be loaded and unloaded directly into the boats…..a real race against time.

Tourist can also enjoy a ride on a narrow gauge railway and take a trip into the heart of the surrounding mountains that form a dramatic backdrop for Ravenglass….but again the railway was never conceived as a tourist ride but conveyed slate and quarry workers.

Peaceful and relaxed, if not even a little lost in todays day and age, Ravenglass hides its industrial heritage well.

22nd January

(C) David Oakes 2016


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    • It is a strange place…beautiful in some ways others not. We spent 3 weeks there one February/March with thick snow and ice. Even the foam round the high tide mark froze and the Turnstones sheltered behind it from the wind.

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