Sunday…Time for Church


Hereford Cathedral

It is Sunday and perhaps appropriately I have been sorting through the files for a project needing images of Churches…or rather Religious buildings through the ages.  It really is amazing just how many and just how varied they are across the UK.

Some are called Abbeys, others Cathedrals or maybe Chapel or simply Church.   Nor does the name Abbey or Cathedral imply extra grandeur as even the smallest church can at time rival the large Cathedral for its architectural splendour.  Even when they are in ruins they are still able to convey there social message

So here are just a few to give you a taste of that variety we have acquired through the ages and  some that have survived times of strife across the UK

 Everyone tells a story…a story that may well be just of Local interest, others of National importance but all interweaved over nearly 2 millennia.


Bolton Abbey beside the River Wharf, Yorkshire

24th January

(C) David Oakes 2016


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      • Not surprised one of the best aspects of blogging (and I feel out of touch ) is the resource from other bloggers – suggesting both location and alternative angles – a resource which even 10 years ago wasn’t available

        • There is another blogger who I was taking to task (in a humorous way) as she keeps on coming up with locations, mainly Scotland, that I have never even heard of and feel guilty for my ignorance. My complaint was that the ‘to do list’ was just getting longer with each blog she posts. That said even if don’t get there in real time I have the satisfaction of virtual visits…..not the same but I guess you will know what I mean.

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