Calm before the Storms…


Morecambe Bay from Fleetwood, Lancashire

Monday…and those storms that hit the Eastern Seaboard of the USA are racing across the Atlantic towards the UK.

We are told that we will not get any snow, that will have been lost on its sea crossing, but Gales and heavy rains are to be our gift from the weather gods.  Much of the rain is due to fall where they are still trying to clear the debris from the last floods earlier this year…..must be so demoralising for those direct effected who now seem to live in permanent  dread of further rains.

25th January

(C) David Oakes 2016


11 thoughts on “Calm before the Storms…

  1. It is ideed! We have experienced that our rivers are way to small and narrow for the weather that comes along these days. But we will cope – in time. The problem is that the weather will keep increasing year by year and that we will have new floods, no matter what we do.

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