The First…but it will not be the Last!


Our First Snowdrop

All alone….it may well be our first Snowdrop of the season…..but not only will there be more to come….. it also says that Spring is on the way!

29th January

(C) David Oakes 2016


12 thoughts on “The First…but it will not be the Last!

    • Should be the other way round….and yes one or two gardens near us are blessed with Daffs….but no crocus and snowdrops as yet. An odd season to add to all the other odd ones we have had this year.

  1. FAB photo. Funny though… we have head a lot of our daffodils in full bloom and these are dying off by now and only now we see crocusses but still nog snowdrops. Shouldn’t that be vice versa? Something is really off this season. Can we blame El Niño?

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