Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant


Ice Cold Water, Early Morning Sun and a Lone Whooper Swan

Blue and yellow plus the most vibrant colour of all “White”, my submission for this Weeks Photo Challenge – Vibrant.

An attempt to illustrate that Vibrant doesn’t require all the colours of the rainbow to be bold and vibrant…..though the purists will say that White IS the ultimate mix of all the colours of the spectrum.

There are bound to be lots of submissions for this Weeks Challenge so click the link below to see how others have interpreted the challenge:-


30th January

(C) David Oakes 2016


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant

  1. It’s a very tricky shot due to the fact that focus point have been on the swan and the camera doesn’t understand that it is not a ‘white world’ out there 🙂
    I usually experiment with the WB-settings before shooting.

    • So do I and the white balance was set….what may throw you is that I have chosen in post editing to add a glow filter to emphasis the theme of the challenge which is vibrant….the glow emphasis the vibrant colours whilst adding a small blur ….which I though was rather nice

      • It may come from differences in our screens, but I felt it was rather close to a ‘burnt’ swan?
        But then again your colors are nearly always vibrant? (Which may be due to a chosen setting in the camera?)

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