Relax…its Sunday



Watendlath Beck at Mossmire Bridge, Ashness Fells, Cumbria

Sunday and the last day of January… theory the worst ravages of winter should be over.  Well that’s the theory but this year has not gone to any seasonal plan that I have every experienced.  So whilst many bulbs are starting to shoot and birds seem in spring like mode we may yet be in for a sorry winter awakening .

But that shouldn’t deter us from relaxing in quiet contemplation, thinking of those summer days ahead and making plans to visit both the familiar favourites and some pastures new.

31st January

(C) David Oakes 2016


9 thoughts on “Relax…its Sunday

    • Don’t feel so sorry for yourself! We may be part way through a winter that so far is proving milder than on record BUT it has been the wettest with major floods, the windiest and at the moment we have just had storm Gertrude pass over with gales of 145mph and are waiting the imminent arrival of storm Henry not as bad with gales of 90mph. The positive is that so far only the North of the UK has had any real depth of snow and here in middle England only two very shallow morning frosts. Outlook for month is more heavy rain.

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