First Crocus….



It is a start….our first Crocus of this winter.  You can tell it has been a mild winter (so far!)…look closely and you will spy a spider and several aphids all active and all providing food for our birds.

In fact there is little shortage of natural food for our wild birds this year.  Bird numbers have been good but like everything else in our natural world it is not running to the usual plan…….lets take Blackbirds as an example.  Normally our winter garden is home for a good number of both male and females, most over wintering and some remaining to make nests. This year they have vanished which is a shame as the Solanum bush is full of berry….a berry they seem to love to play with as well as eat.

Maybe if there is a cold snap they will appear….I hope  the Solanum berries will still be here for them.


2nd February

(C) David Oakes 2016


6 thoughts on “First Crocus….

  1. You like to tease people, David? Crocus in early February? I think not! Instead we got a couple of inches with snow during the night. Even being an optimistic, I don’t think I’ll se a crocus on my lawn inside the next 3-4 weeks!
    But then perhaps . . .

    • That was yesterday…this morning we have three flower heads so it will not be long before we have a full display…..Daffs are showing so they will be out soon. If the weather continues as it is I guess we might have everything coming in a rush

  2. I like to see the minutiae within the plant world and that poor spider just hanging on! As to those berries, they look like tomatoes. Lovely photo work, David!

    • The berries are only about 12mm…just right for the Blackbirds beak. At the moment we have no Blackbirds….folk think that strange as it is a bird that is always associated with gardens in England…..but I am told by those that know ‘everything’ that we actually have two populations – the ones in summer move in from the south as the weather warms whilst the winter ones move south as it get colder further north. This year is very mild for winter so I guess the winter visitors have staid at home.

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