It sure is cold….but sunny

Mother Cap Tor on Hathersage Moor 1

Mother Cap Tor on Hathersage Moor, Derbyshire

We kept faith with the weather forecaster who predicted a sunny day, so we headed off for the moors…I have to add we had fingers well and truly crossed as it was still a very grey, damp and unpromising start to the day. But we were not disappointed the sun did come out to play and even though it was bitterly cold (an arctic wind did blow) it was a  great day to tramp through the Heather and what remained of a smattering of snow.

Destination was Hathersage Moor.  This is an area of moorland scattered with rock outcrops called Tors. It was once an open air industrial site as these same rocks were once shaped into ‘millstones’….today the only sites you will see are expansive views over a few of Derbyshire’s valleys and extended views to other snow covered heights.

Hope Valley and Kinder Scout 2

Kinder Scout Plateau from Over Owler Tor, Hathersage Moor 

The walk start with a gentle climb through Silver Birch, bare at this time of the year but there thin skeletons swaying in todays wind.  then all of a sudden you are there on Hathersage Moor and gentle inclines to the various rocky, some time dramatic outcrops of Gritstone Rock….

4th February

(C) David Oakes 2016



22 thoughts on “It sure is cold….but sunny

  1. They are all so beautiful views dear David, you haven’t seen snow yet, Have you? In here like a early summer day… But I am afraid will change soon again. Thank you, as always you fascinate me with your camera. Love, nia

  2. Fabulous pics again. That sunshine is doing me good. We have a dull, wet and windy day today which makes it cold inside as well. Brrr.

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    • Thanks…at this time of year I always have graduated ND filter on the camera to hold back what could be a very bright sky then really on contrast from a low sun to bring out the colours….we have though also benefited this winter for having had only one very light frost. In a normal year that bright bracken would have been black for some time now and the heather would be rather sorry for itself, so that has added to the winter colours

  4. outstanding! oh my I love these! they make me want to paint!! Great photographs 🙂 I can’t even pick just one as my fav, either. lol these are just lovely. thank you for sharing these. cheers, Debi

  5. It’s so beautiful there David, your wonderful images bring back memories of trips to Mount Kosiosko many years back.

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