Far from Dim……


Above Dimmingsdale, Staffordshire

Sunlight over Dimmingsdale, a tranquil scene over the Staffordshire countryside. Located in the Churnet Valley is this network of wooded dales punctuated by sandstone rocky outcrops and known as Dimmingsdale. 

Tranquil as it may be on the sunny February day the immediate area was once heavily industrialised and the air full of smoke from charcoal pits, smelting works and mines.

But the area and the walks we enjoy today are all thanks to the creation of a Victorian Dream Garden which transformed the dale.  With gritstone walled carriage ways providing dramatic mini tours of these wooded slopes, now providing clear trails for the walker.

A perfect location to take advantage of a break in the wet winter weather we have not  been enjoying….the sun was even warm which just helped fool us into thinking that maybe spring is just around the next corner…


10th February

(C) David Oakes 2016


6 thoughts on “Far from Dim……

  1. Oh WOW… amazingly beautiful and I am impressed. I love the tree roots gripping in the soil to hold on for dear life itself. It’s life in a very pure form. Thanks.

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