Sunny but (very) Cold…

 Brrrrr….its cold, even though it might not look it!


Sunny and blue skies for another kind February day but despite no early frost and no wind of any consequence…it was cold.

There are even more welcome signs that spring is on the way, signs that are taking the sting out of this coming weekends dire weather predictions.

But all in my view is not well in part of our woodland. Sycamore have a bad press as far as conservationists are concerned and in this woodland it does look as if war has been declared.  Chop and drop seems to be the way….and of course leave the trunks to rot, it so good for the wildlife habitat.  Trouble is there are more trees with the dreaded white spot of the woodman’s axe awaiting destruction, so an even larger area of destruction is on the cards. Now as a  conservationist my self I admit that Sycamore needs controlling but not mass destruction and as for the fallen wood…well that is a timber yard that will take too many generations to rot down but more importantly it has crushed Holly and Yew and is smothering areas where bluebells were becoming established….not sensible conservation in my view…

But lets end today with a colourful and heartening Spring image


11th February

(C) David Oakes 2016


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