Fed Up Pup….or Just a Lazy Sunday


Truth is both.

If Buster could speak he would be complaining that it was Rugby on the TV again…..and here we are on a lovely very sunny Sunday and only a short walkies on offer!

So I guess he knows he has to make the best of a bad job and have a lazy snooze in the sun.

Life gets tough at times

14th February

(C) David Oakes 2016


7 thoughts on “Fed Up Pup….or Just a Lazy Sunday

  1. He is right. It’s not really fair, David. And all that just for rugby? When you could throw a ball for Buster to fetch? You have had great weather. I can see that. Ours was grey, dull, wet and cold. I stayed indoors with me cupper and great old fashioned jazz music from a CD. Having no dog to take on walkies…

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