Snowdrops and More…..

Snowdrops in an Historic Location….another Grand Day Out…


Hodsock Priory Gate House

Hodsock Priory, a Historic and very English House that has been part of the Nottinghamshire countryside for many centuries.  Kings have been entertained… Henry II, King John, Edward I and even the infamous Henry VIII.

The Gate House dates back to 1480 but most of the other buildings have been rebuilt, in Elizabethan style. Today it is the centre of a large and very busy Agricultural Estate.

But our visit is to the Woodlands that surround the House to view the spectacular display of Snowdrops..


Apart from the Snowdrops that cover the woodland floor they are only a part of this Winter Garden that create the setting for the Priory.  The more formal gardens are full of Hellebore’s, Crocus, Cyclamen, Daffodils, Scilla  and Aconites.

It may well be a cold February day but with the sun shining and the smell of blossom it was an ideal day to stroll through woods and garden, pausing occasionally to absorb this seasonal treat between winter and spring …so join us on a brief tour…

 The name Priory was only included in the name for Hodsock in the 19th century. There are records of a settlement on this site since the Bronze Age and with its links to the Countries ‘Power Makers’ over the centuries, Hodsock has to be regarded as an important House.


25th February

(C) David Oakes 2016


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  1. It’s been snowing here, gentlemen. No, it won’t stay. It melts when it hits de ground sort of. Next week will be cold and windy but also clear, dry and with lots of sunshine and blue skies. The next snow storm is approaching from the North. Spectaculars skies and the clouds en the last sunshine making the clouds dark grey with white guls flying in front of it. They light up in the sunlight. Also rainbows (bits of them, never a whole one) and then it hits the building. Rain, snow and hail in one go. Mother Nature does give us the feeling of being very small in comparison with all this. 🙂

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