Weekly Photo Challenge – State of Mind

This weeks Challenge is proclaimed as State of Mind…..

Now that could be a Mind Blowing experience or perhaps one that is much more relaxing….perhaps even  uplifting.


Although this little lad was a stranger I immediately had a flash back to my own boyhood days and an invisible bond to his Kite Flying.

One of my long term memories both sad and happy is that of playing on a beach, invariably on my own, with spade, shrimp net or as here with a kite…..perhaps kites were the best as even though you had your feet firmly planted on the ground you were really flying high in a different world.

For me this is a deeply meaningful image, taken many many years ago and one I return to just to recall in my own mind all those thrills and some traumas of growing up.

So State of Mind is the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge….I trust you will think that this fits the brief.  See what others have submitted on this link:- https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/state-of-mind/

(For those photographically interested this is a digital scan of a 35mm Transparency, scanned by me when digital scanning was still in its foundations days.  No doubt I could make a better scan today but the original train eludes me)

27th February

(C) David Oakes 2016


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – State of Mind

  1. This, a very evocative photograph David!
    children, are more fragile than what their ‘elders’ wanted to admit to at the time. I have a hobby horse. lol.
    I do see these days-just the opposite, happening with children.
    Overburdening, overwhelming, overstimulating them to the point of taking them to the edge. They get antsy now if ….they’re not being entertained.
    Your photograph, conveys a lot of mood and feeling within the seemingly simple subject!!

      • I know!
        And they have to BE Entertained! lest we, their ‘servants’, forget. yikes, somedays,
        I’d pay good money to turn them loose for one day with My Grandparents out on the farm. chuckling with glee.

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