Sunday…a Day for going to Church

Easdale Lumig

Saint Dubhthach’s Church

Roofless and long since abandoned this wee Church and ancient Burial Ground can be found at the foot of Glen Shiel at Morvich above the shores of Loch Duich. As was the way in Scotland (and elsewhere) families or in this case Clans gathered together in regions.  In this part of the world it was the Clan Macrae, so no surprise most of the headstones are dedicated to a member of the Macrae Clan.

It is a tranquil location, an ancient monument set among the majesty of the high mountains  of Kintail.

It is also just a stone throw away from the site of the 1719 Battle of Glen Shiel at Shiel Bridge. It was a Jacobite (reinforced by Spanish Troops) uprising against British Troops which ended badly for the Jacobite’s. But their cause remained alive and the much larger Rebellion 1745/6 was to follow….it too ended in the shedding of far to much blood.

Most folk pass this church by without a second glance, as they dash down the ‘Road to the Isles’ on route for the Isle of Skye.  I would certainly recommend a pause in their journey to contemplate the ruins, landscape, history and tranquillity of the area.

6th March

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