Thank You for the Glow of Crocus….


Crocus are by far my favourite Spring flower, may be it is because they light up the days after the dark winter months…..but this year the winter months may well have been wet but much milder and it seemed much lighter….well that is true for our little part of the world.

This year the Crocus came into flower very early and thankfully nearly 2 months later still providing that welcome mass of colour.

As I have mentioned before the seasons have seemed to merge throughout the year, autumn not knowing when to finish, winter unsure and reluctant to do its worst whilst spring has been pushing at the weather door. Nothing has gone to the once established seasonal timetable.

Our Spring bulbs are a great example….Snowdrops have been sharing the same space as the Crocus and like them they remain in flower reluctant to fade away.  Dwarf Iris were the first to throw up a few flowers but they just seemed to drop away as soon as the petals opened. Daffodils can usually be relied on for a mass of colour and the Muscari an equally bold blue swath of colour.  But not this spring….the bulbs have produced masses of leaf but are what we call blind with no central flower shoot. You could suggest that the bulbs have outgrown themselves (they do) but we replenish the garden bulbs and always use new bulbs for the Patio Planters….a puzzle indeed.

Even the odd Muscari that does throw up a flower stem presents a Spartan cluster of flower buds….but at least its something….


I wonder what more surprises and disappointments Spring has yet to “spring” upon us and even if summer will return us to a more normal weather cycle.

10th March

(C) David Oakes 2016