Official….it’s Spring…..

March 20th the Spring Equinox


It must be Spring as the wild and naturalised  Daffodils in the woodlands have started to blow their own bright yellow trumpets…..O.K. many folk in the UK have been enjoying Daffodils for some time now but in our corner of middle England those blooms have been cultivated garden Daff’s ……Once those free in the woodlands start to bloom you really know that Spring has sprung, well its a promising start.

A promising start….much more promising than the start of this first day of Spring…


Morning mist and a thick layer of cloud did eventually allow a brave sun to break through and from mid morning we were bathed in warm sunshine, warm enough to encourage that hibernating growth.

The bark of the Silver Birch  seemed to have a richer glow to its twisted stretching structure, but perhaps of great significance is the red tinge to the branches were new leaf growth is starting to swell the buds, reddish now but soon those vital spring green shoots will pop.


Admittedly  couple of small signs of Spring….but it does seem, and feel, like a big step forward into the new season

20th March

(C) David Oakes 2016


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  1. Not in Hamburg en not in The Netherlands where we have a thick grey blanket of clouds hanging over us. So I turn on Your Tube with singing birds in a Britisch forest. A spring chorus to make one happy.

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