It Makes you think….very Hard


Troubled…most definitely

Most bloggers on WordPress stay clear of making Political comment….partly because it could be a sensitive issue or maybe considered too parochial.

But I do detect that this troubled world we now live in is causing many of us stress if not actual distress.

The world seems to be in a fragile state…from War Zones, Terrorism and Displaced Persons….. Natural disasters we cannot control and plagues we seem unable to overcome…..  Political mismanagement and dishonesty…… Financial Markets that have been weakened through greed and dishonest trading…… World Markets in disarray so jobless numbers increase and even many of those who succeed in getting jobs now have pay and conditions nearing slave labour…… Communities where the very rich get richer and the less well-off become poorer.

Nor is there anywhere to turn for a better solutions.  Religions fight between themselves in the name of their gods.  Nor do our Politicians seem able to help, being too busy in their own power struggles.  Political systems and politicians that no longer have the trust or respect of the electorate creating vacuums where bigots and zealots thrive and unrest spreads.

This is 2016…..we  are supposed to have the best technology, the best educations and health the world has ever known…yet there is so much poverty, starvation,  displaced persons. Even in our cities far too many homeless and jobless people are losing hope.

Something has to change and quickly otherwise the future for our children and grandchildren will be pretty bleak.

22 March

(C) David Oakes 2016