It Makes you think….very Hard


Troubled…most definitely

Most bloggers on WordPress stay clear of making Political comment….partly because it could be a sensitive issue or maybe considered too parochial.

But I do detect that this troubled world we now live in is causing many of us stress if not actual distress.

The world seems to be in a fragile state…from War Zones, Terrorism and Displaced Persons….. Natural disasters we cannot control and plagues we seem unable to overcome…..  Political mismanagement and dishonesty…… Financial Markets that have been weakened through greed and dishonest trading…… World Markets in disarray so jobless numbers increase and even many of those who succeed in getting jobs now have pay and conditions nearing slave labour…… Communities where the very rich get richer and the less well-off become poorer.

Nor is there anywhere to turn for a better solutions.  Religions fight between themselves in the name of their gods.  Nor do our Politicians seem able to help, being too busy in their own power struggles.  Political systems and politicians that no longer have the trust or respect of the electorate creating vacuums where bigots and zealots thrive and unrest spreads.

This is 2016…..we  are supposed to have the best technology, the best educations and health the world has ever known…yet there is so much poverty, starvation,  displaced persons. Even in our cities far too many homeless and jobless people are losing hope.

Something has to change and quickly otherwise the future for our children and grandchildren will be pretty bleak.

22 March

(C) David Oakes 2016


19 thoughts on “It Makes you think….very Hard

  1. I like to believe that in spite of the issues you mentioned, there is still more good in the world than bad! I have to believe that or it would be overwhelming …

    • True there is a good deal of good and compassion but that is shown by the way everyday folk do care for each other….it is the politicians that seem to lack that same compassion

  2. Aren’t you relatively happy with your age, David? I know I am !!!
    For a couple of generations now, big money has been much too easy to come by. They call it the ‘’! And people can’t even seem to spell their native languages correctly?!

    • I know I am happy to be over 65. My dear friend in England is 92 and she is happy to be 92. Considering how politicians, banks, extremely rich people think about the rest of the world she is glad she doens’t have to go very long anymore. But I believe it’s something we’ve done wrong with all our love for our children. We spoilt them. They were to have a beter life than we, the baby boomers. And see what we raised: people who want more and deny others a decent life. Complaining that our generation ‘eat up’ their pensions. A pension we paid for all our working lives. And they want it.
      As for the immigrants… they blame the Europeans and the Europeans blame the muslims. As if that is going to work for a better world. Stupid youngsters bombing ralway stations and airports because they believe a fairy tale about a religion of suppression. Male dominancy. So the men can behave like beasts and still go to Heaven. How do we stop this? I cannot. And I decided I won’t. It is foretold that there will be another major war. I think we are already in it. Thins will go worse before they can get better again. I prefer to try and look for beautiful things. A smiling child, laughing and happy people, flowers, new leaves on the trees and shrubs, fine food, great art en wonderful music.
      Blessed Be you all.

    • Of course I am relatively happy with my lot….no I am not, I am proud of what I and my wife have achieved. It was hard work and some might say that we are better than averagely well off. What I am not proud of is that so called fare and just society we helped build now treat folk so badly building a poverty trap that gets worse each year with much hope removed for many youngsters. I am perhaps just surprised how buoyant many seem in what is becoming an unjust world.

  3. A wonderful sculpture, and yes you’re so right David. Waking up this morning to the dreadful news of more terrorist attacks in Brussels, was very distressing indeed. One wonders if there will ever be an end to it. 😦

  4. People have given away control of their own lives and those in “power” are manipulating things for their own gain. Nothing will change until people take back their power and take a stand. If people don’t fight back, things will only get worse. Until people say, “enough,” and force change, change will not come.

  5. Dear David, I agree with you, especially your words in the end, how true… As you mentioned well, this is 2016… human world should be in different view… not sadness, feary,…etc. I am so sad once again when I heard today’s tragic event in Belgium… people died and injured… it was a day, just a day suddenly it became their last day… It is not easy to understand this, my mind stops… This thinking man, should say something to all of us, what can we do… How I wished to know this. Thank you dear David, Love, nia

  6. I recently read that: “…humanity as a whole is doing better than it ever has: the world is becoming more prosperous, cleaner, increasingly peaceful and healthier. We are living longer, better lives. Virtually all of our existing problems are less bad than at any previous time in history.” Yet, the media feeds us a constant diet of gloom and doom. Personally, I think this ‘bad news’ diet is toxic. Fortunately, there are other ways to be well informed that are well balanced and offer positive messages.

  7. ahh. very thought provoking this morning. many things in the world are indeed better than 100 years ago that is true. we still have Far To Go.

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