Holiday Friday….Good Friday

Good Friday, the first of the Easter Holidays and the first major holiday of 2016 when many folk will head off for a family break


Harlech Castle, Gwynedd, North Wales

North Wales and in particular Snowdonia will be one of those destinations that many will head to.  Harlech Castle stands on a rocky outcrop commanding views of the coastal plain towards the Irish Sea as well as some of the most beautiful mountain ranges of Snowdonia.

Undoubtedly this Castle is Welsh and played an important role in its history over many centuries….surprisingly whilst it is many miles from the English border it also played a major role in English history.

Built between in 1282/89 by Edward I on his invasion of Wales it would withstand many attacks and sieges until 1404 when it fell to the Welsh hero and legend Owain Glyndwr.

But the Welsh and English history was never easy and the Castle once again came under English control.  This time it was the War of the Roses and fought over by Lancastrians and Yorkist’s.    Then again in the English Civil War the Castle was contested for between the Royalists and Parliamentarians.

Thankfully today all is peaceful at Harlech which is now a World Heritage site.  Apart from the School, Sports centre and campsite below I guess the view, of and from, the castle hasn’t change much since 1282……and well worth a visit.

25th March

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5 thoughts on “Holiday Friday….Good Friday

  1. It is certainly worth a visit – but how many trips did it take to find sunshine – Happy Easter David – we are going to attempt the sunrise service on East Beach 06:30 including the Clocks changing 😊

    • Good luck….hope the clouds play ball! As for sunshine at Harlech, I admit to several….but also when the sun does shine on that part of the coast ii does seem rather Mediterranean as many of the plants in the local gardens would testify 🙂 Now go and set your alarm for Sunday

    • Yep…climb to the top of any of the towers and imagine you were Edward I inspecting the castle he had just had built and I guess you would be rather proud of it and its great strategic location and in peaceful times the expansive views

      • But – I’d shudder thinking about maintainace costs which by the way will increase tenfolds over the years! 🙂
        In those days you’d only increase taxes, but noe today . . .!

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