Dont let the Sunshine Fool You….

It may well be a bright and sunny start to the  day ….but its freezing cold!


Crisp and bright the day may be but there is a wind coming straight down from Iceland. The outside temperature gauge was showing 3c but that wind made it feel like -5c at least!

Apart from the sunshine and the blue skies there are other signs of springs progress.  Bluebells are becoming more prevalent and even the Wild Garlic is starting to flower…..

its pungent smell drifting on the wind announcing its presence long before you find it.

Even the evenings glow in the Office Window spoke of Spring and the hope that those  longed for longer warm sunny days were not that far away..



17th April

(C) David Oakes 2016


6 thoughts on “Dont let the Sunshine Fool You….

  1. We have cool nights, but we are lucky not to have proper frost anymore. However… till mid May this frost is still possible and we are warned to wait with planting of new annuals as they cannot bear any frost at all. My hazel branch, bought for the Easter days, needs to get out in a proper pot. Will do that this coming week and I hope it does the same as the willow branches. The ones of two years ago are showing off with light green and beautiful new leaves on a chesnut colour bark. Beautiful. And I have ONE dandylion. In full bloom! 🙂 On a balcony up six floors!

    • The Hazel should root well. We always seem to have some frosts just as all the fruit tree blossom shows, always puzzled about natures timing as it can prove fatal for the fruit crop.

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