A Handsome Fellow



The Ram

His work was done last autumn…now all this handsome Herdwick Ram can do is gaze through the fence into the adjacent fields to watch his productive efforts appear as tiny Lambs….he has every right to be proud.

19th April

(C) David Oakes 2016


9 thoughts on “A Handsome Fellow

  1. I so like these herdwicks. They have such a friendly face. Beautiful animal, David. Great photo. I’ll be in Hunmanby next week to visit my friend. A quiet week and meeting a few wonderful people in the Spring Cafe (behind the church). Looking forward to seeing all of them again.

    • Hi Lydia….sorry to say that the current spell of good weather looks set to change to artic once again at the weekend. Still good friends, a chat over tea makes for a good break….enjoy

      • Yeah.. heard about the change in the weather. Just frosty isn’t bad at all. But NOW winds will make it rather choppy. I will take my sugarred ginger balls with me to calm the stomach. 😉

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