Bluebells…. in Spring Wood


Bluebells in the aptly named Spring Wood

The Bluebells are now starting to spread their Blue carpet over the woodland floor.  Here at Spring Wood (named Spring for its water source rather than any season) it is a race against time…that time being when the tree canopy cuts off light to the ground below. Once that happens it is goodbye Bluebells till next spring


And as a Bonus we have some Wild Primroses hiding in the hedgerow


21st April

(C) David Oakes 2016


4 thoughts on “Bluebells…. in Spring Wood

  1. Amazing photos. Thank you. I just downloaded the weather forecast for next week. :). Better bring me brollie en waxed coat with warm liner. King Winter is not easy to be kicked out. Never mind, Spring will return in May. It WILL. It’s got to… won’t it? 😉

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