DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Admiration



Admiration or just Faithfull …..I suspect both.  My friend Andrew with his two Bernese Mountain Dogs , Lara and Gretel with my rather dwarfed Buster.

All three secure my admiration for just how well they all relate to each other and even tolerate us humans.

Just an idea for this weeks DP Photo Challenge. See what others have submitted on:-


30th April

(C) David Oakes 2016


7 thoughts on “DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Admiration

  1. They are beautiful, aren’t they: thse Berner Senne dogs. Smaller than the Saint Bernards but just as good in the mountains. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernese_Mountain_Dog
    With all pedigree dogs you do get the problems over over breeding, I think. Even tho I like most dogs, I still prefer the ‘mutt’. Pedigree unknown. Same as with cats, these ‘mutts’ are stronger and live longer without too many vet costs. But seeing them in the photo, I can fall in love for all three dogs. Where was Carla, director of Greetings? Your PR dog?

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