Has Spring Really Arrived ?


A Lakeside panorama with a hint of Spring…

Whilst we have been enjoying some touches of Spring the weather has been far from Spring like…that is until this morning when we woke to a warm, calm and sunny day that really did feel as if Spring has sprung.

Round the Lake the trees are now bursting into life and at the lake edges the vegetation is pushing its way into the light following its winters slumbers.


Bluebells have done well this year.  Whilst some are now falling back to recover for next year others seem to have developed a new lease on life…


They cannot last for many more days as the tree canopy is getting thicker starving them of the vital light they need…. they will die back and disappear from whence they came to await next Spring.

Meantime its is one of the pleasures of Spring to enjoy…..a feast for the eyes and real scent that is full of the aroma of the season.


And here is my promise…no more Bluebells pics till 2017….after all you can have too much of a good thing 🙂


5th May

(C) David Oakes 2016