Rain of Course…..

After Yesterdays Optimism….Rain


The sunshine of yesterday brought out the first of the Rhododendron….not even todays torrential rains could dim the colours.  So I guess summer must be on the way

10th May

(c) David Oakes


Woodland Change……

Four unbelievable days…a mini Photo Essay


Four unbelievable days of great weather of which the last two have just been fantastic. I was tempted to say Spring weather but with clear skies, warm breeze and temperatures of 28c+ it is as good as any summer’s day.

Of course all this has had a dramatic effect on our local woods.  Bare branches first started to shoot small green leaves giving the whole wood a green sheen.  By yesterday they had thickened out to form the summers canopy casting dark shadows across the woodland floor.  There were some casualties to winters winds but thankfully for this old Oak it survives yet another year….


The change has been rapid so enjoy this short photo essay of the change from subtle light green thru to dark woodland glades…Green though is the shade even on the Old Walled garden wall.

A week ago the predominant colour was Blue and there are still some respectable carpets of Bluebells …they certainly have been giving us good value this year with both a longer flowering cycle but also a smooth sweet aroma much stronger than I can ever recall.

I had said no more Bluebell images this year but what the heck lets have a last fling….

Our woodland was once the boundary of a Country House and its estate.  Nearer to the house specialist trees including blossom trees were planted as part of its ornamental garden.  So you do get some surprises.  Here we have a Decorative Cherry part of the one time ornamental area but now gradually being swamped by the rampant growth of the wilder woods…


It truly has been a fantastic few days, a few days were change occurred by the minute…however the forecast for the next few days is not so promising….rain and cold winds once more.  Still we have some memories…brief but no less valuable.

10th May

(C) David Oakes 2016