A Spring Stroll which turned out more like Summer

Perfect for a walk by water and into the woods..


Cromford Canal and Aqueduct at Lea Woods, Derbyshire

Our Spring/Summer weather has returned after a brief spell of winter!….I hesitate to say summer weather as it is only really the start of spring but with a blue sky and lots of sunshine delivering temperatures of 20c it does feel more like summer. The perfect day for a walk along the canal.

Todays walk takes in Cromford Canal, Lea Aqueduct (above) along part of the long defunct Nightingale Arm of the Canal and up through Lea Woods.


The Nightingale Arm at Lea Junction.

 The Nightingale Arm of the Cromford canal used to link the main canal with Smedley’s Mills at Lea Green.  Named Nightingale after Florence Nightingale (the Lady of the Lamp) who had her Derbyshire home here. There is still just a little water in this old canal but for most of its short length (less than a mile) it is dry.

But today the air is full of that pungent smell of Wild Garlic which has now taken over the canal cutting…


The Star Shaped white flower will not last for long but the aroma will stay for a few weeks…


Things botanical are also changing in Lea Woods.  Much more leaf cover gives an air of dark mystery, the Bluebells are fast fading and being engulfed by White Stitchwort, Wild Forget me Not and even Fern starting to flourish….

 The return leg was back down the canal.  It is along this stretch that you are reminded that Canals, after their great contribution to the Industrial Revolution, were soon overtaken by the Railways.  Occasional Railway memorabilia remind you that they too shared this valley but have also gone with the passing of time…

The forecast for tomorrow is ‘same again’ so maybe we will head off for a walk in South Derbyshire…..I hope you have enjoyed this leisurely stroll.

14th May

(C) David Oakes 2016


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  1. David I just loved your (our) walk!! thank you!
    These photos conveyed the spirit of the place so well; I felt like I was there. Nightingale Arm was so lovely with the dappling and the path. What a lovely post, I thoroughly enjoyed all the photos 🙂 cheers, Debi

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