Sunday……So Off to Church



This little church nestles at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site and siting on the vast Lava plain now covered with lush green moss.  Surrounded by mountains and Glaciers it all looks tranquil… but it is here that the Tectonic plates are still moving and shaping the surface of Iceland and of course ultimately the world.

15th May

(C) David Oakes 2016


7 thoughts on “Sunday……So Off to Church

  1. I remember! Visited Thingvellir one time late in the 60’thies, but memory fades!
    I seem to remember that the buildings were somewhat higher in the terrain compared to the water, or is it only my memory which fails me?

  2. I like all of the different elements represented in this well taken and presented photograph. I can study it for quite some time and imagine being there.

    • And you are standing on rocks that are still alive, fantastic place hard to get a scale which was made harder as time on the trip was so tight that you couldn’t wait for weather or wonder far…..and what you don’t see is the glacier which is higher than those mountains but covered in cloud.

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