Very Soon Now….


Azalea and Rhododendron are starting to show their blousy blooms….so it will not be long, and with the hope of some good weather, that we can start the rounds of visiting some of the best Rhododendron Gardens in our part of the world.

The image above is from Lea Rhododendron Gardens near Matlock Derbyshire…an image from 2 years ago….just to wet your appetite.

It is also an indication on just how fast this year is going, spring is in full swing and mid -summer not that far away.

17th May

(C) David Oakes 2016


13 thoughts on “Very Soon Now….

    • I was starting to miss you Seenorway! 🙂

      David…these shrubs are my absolute favourite. They are so stunningly beautiful when in full bloom.

      • Hi Lydia,
        Why should you? I’ve been here for 4 years now, but we don’t publish all that much during the cold period. Now the spring is here, And like the bears I’m poking my head out in the open!

        • ~Speaking of bears… ever heard of the WorldDrum? Comes from a Samii shaman called White Cooger, if I’m right. No bear, but a big predator never the less. 🙂

      • What?! I see no reason why I should?
        It was a gag, really. I noticed your post came in pretty early in the morning, but I happened to be awake because I’d been trying to shoot a sunup at 04.30 a.m.
        But SPAM? Nooooo, never!

        • Yep it was…..I don’t go onto the dashboard that often but did so on Sunday and found there were a number of spam messages that WP had shipped into the spam box….so I checked and though there were several that were spam there were also ‘normal’ comments from you. It is one of those WordPress mysteries that keep happening. Don’t worry about it

    • Our current spell of good weather is helping…though it still is an odd season with many plants still to show and others that are usually much later nearly over with. I guess it will all come out right in the wash… as Grandma used to say

  1. Dont say the seasons too quickly like that David otherwise I find the summer has passed me by. The colour is amazing down your way – the gorse and oil seed rape is at its peek currently but then thats us till the heather lol

    • Looking at the weather reports over the last view weeks I think you had cornered all the summer weather up there in the onetime frozen north 😃 whilst we have sea sawed from extreme to extreme and back again. So I am left wondering what the rest of the year has in store.

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