The Iridescent colours of Nature


Just a touch of sunshine and these Iridescent jewel like feathers of the Peacock outshine just about anything else in nature.

They say “As Proud as a Peacock” and this proud boy was really strutting his stuff.

Not sure why but they do say that it will bring you Bad Luck if you collect any Peacock Tail Feathers!

24th May

(C) David Oakes 2016


12 thoughts on “The Iridescent colours of Nature

  1. Great capture there! In India We collect feathers and they are lucky. You can search Lord Krishna and you will notice this feather- Mayur(Peacock) Pankh (Feather)- sitting in in the crown of the Lord.

    • Yes I knew that, but have always been fascinated how different cultures treat and reflect upon the same item in different ways. Here in the UK it is a very old ‘myth’ that they are unlucky, which was rather at odds with the feathers being used in hats and dresses as extra decoration (mind you that was virtually a whim of the wealthy!). But as time progressed birds also became a bad luck omen. It started in the 19th and 20th century in mining communities when caged canaries were taken into mines as a safety indicator of poison gas underground. If the bird died you escaped fast. In some parts of the country these old mining communities still associate birds with death or bad luck and Greetings Cards and paintings depicting birds are shunned. But back to Peacock Feathers I have no idea\ how this myth developed.

  2. One of the most stunning birds in the world. I tried to find out why people think their feather are bad luck and founf this one: – Reading the full answer it seems to go back to Lilith who was considered being a demon. I do not believe that al all, of course as Lilith in my religion was the first wife of Adam but he seperated from her as she was too ‘bossy’. It’s nothing but old wifes tales, all these superstitions I believe. A better answer is to the question about unluckyness, I think. It’s all about religion really. It’s informative website though! 🙂
    As for me, I don not want the feathers in my house. I really think they belong on the birds themself where they are far more beautiful that full of dust in a large vase in a hall way.

    • Of course its an old wife’s tale…but that is part of the fun of these old myths. Yep, religion was bound to have a hand in it as in all things….I should add that as Peacocks do shed these feathers at particular times that it is those that are collected,

      • I so do love the feathers. And when they shed it’s a good thing to collect them. Maybe a collage for on the wall? With glass in front for protection? And out of the direct sunlight.

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