Floral Change in the Garden


The first of our large Iris are now starting to show their iridescent blue and yellow petals brightening up a dark corner.  A late spring flower in our part of the world but one I associate more with warm summer days.


The cones on our Scots Pine are now spreading their seeds and starting to send up new growth of there own.  The seeds are fine soft, like a fine dust and easily dispersed….the wind does a grand job, even a little breeze will whip off the seeds and carry them far and wide.  But  it is also the birds who perhaps do the best job by gathering seeds on their feathers and carrying them to who knows where.


Self Seeded Strawberry plants decorate the paving finding a secure home in the cracks.  OK they shouldn’t be there but like any other wild flower that chooses to set seed and make it home in the pathway ….they are all very welcome.

Rhodod and Birch These jewels beneath the Birch are a reminder that the Rhododendron season is now with us…..and that usually coincided with a reasonable spell of good weather…yippee

26th May

(C) David Oakes 2016


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  1. Just the other day I saw on BBC television an item about harvesting Birch sap. You can drink it straight from the tree ot make it into wine. I believe it was Country File of either last Sunday, or the Sunday before (Whitsunday). Apart from that I love the Silver Birch. When the sun shines the small leaves help to filter the sun light. Wonderful.

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