Its going to be Warm…Just right for a long Bank Holiday Weekend


Early Morning over Allestree Lake.

I think and I hope that it is going to remain warm for all if not most of this Spring Bank Holiday Weekend….we all need some soothing weather.  Certainly it is a promising start.  Blue sky, fare weather clouds and plenty of sunshine that despite an early start is already warming the spirits and if I am not mistaken the body too!

So a stroll round the Lake, through the woods and across the meadows was full of satisfaction, even the wild flowers were standing up straight to welcome us….

Last but not least I must mention the Ash Trees….

at long last they have burst into leaf, the last of our trees by a long way to oblige.

Mind you that could well be a good sign if the old country fable is true

Ash before the Oak and we are in for a Soak

Oak before the Ash and we are in for a Splash


We might well be in for a good summer…..yippee

28th May

(C) David Oakes 2016


14 thoughts on “Its going to be Warm…Just right for a long Bank Holiday Weekend

  1. You can only hope! If there’s one thing our politicians cannot handle, it’s the weather! And the sooner people (and politicians) realize it, the better! The only – aand best thing to do, is to adapt as best we can!

      • Do you really believe that?
        St. Claus is a ‘dream’, and I’m afraid God is too. All I know is that we’re living on ‘live planet’ with unbelievable forced that we cannot harness in any way?!
        But we may adapt in order to get out of harms way!

        • Gosh you are pessimistic today….everyone is entitled to hope, not even politicians can take that away from you. I am not believe in a god and I have little time for our politicians who are only in it for personal gain…but hope I do have

  2. Lovely selection of photos, David. I think you’re right – we are going to have a lovely Summertime. I haven’t heard that quote before, but I was wondering why the ash trees have only just come into leaf. Thank you, David.

    • Hard to say if the quote works as it doesn’t predict drought or sunshine …just a little rain. The Ash was late in our part of the world last year and we had a relatively dry summer….so may be! 🙂

  3. Wonderful early summer photos! Even though I would prefer a cooler summer, watching others being happy helps me cope. 🙂
    As for God, just watched this morning The Big Question with Nicky Campbel. Very interesting. Lead question: Dit man invent God? 😀

      • Now, that would be too sad, David. It was a very interesting show this morning. When you have I-player you can find it again. :). In any case, the photos are wonderful. heard it’s prettycold today on the East Coast. We have 23º humid and muggy. We are awaiting some more rain and probably thunderstorms as well. I love the powe of Nature. It makes one feel small and insignificent compared to Nature’s huge power. 😀

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