A Summer Garden Walk…..


A Golden Glow at Dorothy Clive Gardens


Laburnum in full bloom at Dorothy Clive Gardens in Staffordshire is just one of the delights to enjoy as you explore these intimate  gardens with there individual and varied  plantings.



In terms of established gardens the Dorothy Clive Gardens are relatively new.  Started in 1940 and partially completed in the 1950’s, it was created by Colonel Harry Clive especially for his wife Dorothy who was battling Parkinson’s, sadly she died before the garden was completed.  The Gardens are now run by a Charitable Trust.

Over the years there has been some expansion and different plantings to make your visit as enjoyable as a stroll round an English garden can be.

So come stride out and enjoy with us..

 Nor is there any better way to finish your tour round the winding pathways than to enjoy a Pot of Tea and a Homemade Cake!


We did have a bonus, for in the wood we could hear a loud clack call of birds…and there was a Greater Spotted Woodpecker feeding one of its chicks..


Not a bad afternoon out for a summers day…I hope you enjoyed joining us.


7th June

(C) David Oakes 2016