A Weather Change……


An Incoming Tide, Sunderland Point, Morecambe Bay, Lancashire

After a great spell of good weather it is perhaps not surprising that the weather has made a change.  Storm clouds and grey skies bringing rain which at time is heavy.

Here on the salt marsh at Sunderland point you are always at the mercy of the elements no matter the season, the tides washing in from Morecambe Bay can and do bring there own climate and weather changes.

13th June

(C) David Oakes 2016


9 thoughts on “A Weather Change……

    • As far as I can see this is a Nature Reserve. And marsh land. It will hopefully be too expensive to make that into farmland, or another industrial area.

      Sunderland Point and the adjacent Middleton Sands (SSSI) are together one of the richest bird watching areas in the North of England. Given the right timing and state of the tides, a spectacle of up to 50000 birds can be almost guaranteed. Also close by Sunderland Marsh (SSSI). Parking available. NOTE at high tide the road in and out is flooded.

      I don’t think anything else, but preservation will be done there. 🙂

      • It is a SSSI but also farm land, the sea washed turf of the marsh great for sheep grazing as are many places around Morecambe Bay….but be aware that if I had turned the camera through 180 degrees you would find a Nuclear Energy Plant and not much beyond chemical plants and a very busy port network that expands. On the opposite more inland side of the marshes housing is now encroaching. But this little corner of the estuary should be safe….mainly safe because it is left to its own devises. I should add that being a SSSI is no longer a guarantee that any such designated land is safe from development. Many SSSI sites are now under real threat of the proposed HS2 rail link that the government is determined to push through…and many other have been lost despite much protest.

    • I assume you allude to climate change…and I guess politicians will continue to try and play god. If on the other hand you mean development well let me tell you that this whole bay is an internationally important Wader Migration, breeding and also overwintering location. Much of it is designated as SSSI and in many places under the stewardship of Wildlife Organisations…but not all by any means. There is a Nuclear Power Plant, Chemical Works, Sea Ports and Network Transport hubs, Ship Building (nuclear). In these so called conservation enlightened times the bay is being encroached by Wind Farms, there have been plans for a sea barrage to generate power (currently in abeyance). Gas is being drilled for in the bay and there is still talk despite much opposition to pipe it ashore and store it in underground disused salt mines(caves) on the opposite shore to this image at Pilling. And guess were they want to start Fracking yep at Pilling. Housing also encroaches. But I guess this little part of the Salt marsh is just so far out that it will be safe. (But if we look back in time, a couple of centuries, 100 meters away from the buildings in the picture, there was once a very busy and important sea port of which there is now virtually no signs)

      • Had a meeting last night of our Tenants Commission. Was a wee late before I slept. What you tell sounds disturbing for the beautiful Nature and the thousands of birds, not to mention the plantlife that is vital for them. Let us hope some common sense will arise in Downingstreet.

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