The Great Divide……..


The Great Glen at Loch Lochy, Scotland

The Great Glen is a great divide in Scotland, a clear geological line runs from Fort William on the West Coast through to Inverness on the East Coast.  There are several Lochs along this line and many years ago enterprising business people paid for engineers to link these Lochs and rivers by creating the Caledonian Canal thus creating an important commercial link for shipping. Most of its traffic today is for leisure craft though Fishing Craft still use it as a short cut from one side of Scotland top the other. A far sighted and positive use of a great divide that ultimately created a great link.

But today across the UK there is a much bigger divide….The EU Referendum

In one weeks time we go to the Polls to vote to Remain of Leave the European Union.

It is a simple In or Out vote. Reaching that decision is proving far from easy and perhaps more importantly has proved to be much more divisive than one ever expected.

One thing is very sure …..which ever side wins, and both are very very passionate in their convictions, Political life in the UK will never ever be the same again, the ripples of which will stretch far beyond the UK.

16th June

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5 thoughts on “The Great Divide……..

  1. I’ll second that! However, it’s quite possible ‘to have a life’ on the outside as well. Keep in mind that every nation leaving EU in a way constitute a future market for those that have chosen to leave the Union and people will be trading – outside or inside – with the rest of the world. And regardless of what mthe nations do, they’ll all seem to retain their NATO membership? So how bad can it be?

  2. So right…live will go on. But what concerns people here on either side of the debate (which is far from polite or factual on either side) is what is that life going to be like…for better or worse.

  3. I wonder whether the British people were just as badly informed as were the people on the continent. It has advantages and isadvantages:
    As for trade: I bet in higher places ‘they’ are already negotiating new trade treaties so trade won’t be hit. What could be hit by a Brexit is the way workers are being treated by their employers. Or, even less building of social housing will take place. I believe firmly that the ones ‘higher up’ will not feel anything of a Brexit but that the poorer people will.

    In The Netherlands more and more people want a ‘Nexit’. Out of this system. I don’t know whether that would be at all possible. The international agreements and treaties have already been signed (Ukraine and also TTIP). Although people are led to believe that such isn’t the case. I did learn to be rather suspicious of all these people ‘higher up’.

    • The problem is Lydia is that many of the figures and statistics are far from accurate…even in the link you refer to are very different from those published by other so called reputable sources….so who to believe is still the question if you are truly trying to do an in out analysis based on true facts to help you make up your mind. Add to that the high passion felt on both side of the debate and frankly the claims made by all are becoming not just hostile but so far fetched. It would also be a very poor Government that has not thought of strategies for both remaining or leaving….likewise I would expect the EU and other countries to have developed their own action plans for whatever happens.

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