Much Calmer Today…..



The Survival Spirit

The rains of this week have left the garden looking very sorry for itself…but some of our Roses are made of stern stuff and survived he worst of the week.

As for the rest of the garden no doubt a touch of warm sunshine and all will be back to what passes for normal these turbulent weather days.

17th June

(C) David Oakes 2016


10 thoughts on “Much Calmer Today…..

  1. WOW – your roses are gorgeous David!! love that deep black background. every time I see it, I like it. and, then get green…. LOL
    I’m really, going to experiment this month – and learn how I can get this effect when I want it!! I may have to put up a black sheet, but I’m going to gt it figured out. 🙂

    • The rest of the garden is going to need a good deal of care and attention but it will bounce back….never known rain as consistently heavy as this last week. Forecast is that the weekend will be rather pleasant and a brief break from the rain….but it is returning next week (I think from a Northerly Norwegian direction !! 🙂 )

  2. Plastic flowers? Are you serious… ;). The idea of the coloured brollies I like a lot.
    Alan Thitchmarsh said that Britain is so lush and green because of all the rain. But there is always a limit to what is still fun and what isn’t anymore.

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