And the Summer moves on…..


Summer and the woodland glades are dark, the leaf canopy creating a tunnel of darkness that will remain until Autumn eventually comes along.

But there are sunny Glades where the sun acts like a theatre spotlight and in the spotlight at the moment are the fresh fronds of the Ferns, Ferns that sway in the lightest breeze.

I always find it magical how the woods constantly change in colour, in mood and in spirit, each day bringing yet another change…

Down by the Lake the recent rains have stirred up the silt whilst todays hot sun has brought out a hatch of small insects hovering over the turgid waters.


On the edge of the woods one of last seasons Red Deer….


Summer moods continue to change…the only downside is that the year seems to be passing at quite a pace…or maybe that is just me.

23rd June

(C) David Oakes 2016



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