Is this Summer….Another Odd Day for Weather


Stanage Looking Down the Hope Valley….After Summer Rain

They forecast showers but mainly sunshine.  Well we did get some sunshine and lovely cloudy blue skies but we also had monsoon rain storms from dark clouds that came from nowhere.  It has also been very hot and sticky…humid and high humidity isn’t something we are used to in the UK. Even a problem keeping the lens clear….still it adds to the effect.

So far we have managed to stay dry (well dryish !) We have had the contrasts of a wonderful walk, dash for shelter and driving through roads that are flooded

……..and right now the sun is shining and there are lightening flashes and the rumble of distant thunder…..I wonder if it will snow later?

25th June

(C) David Oakes 2016


6 thoughts on “Is this Summer….Another Odd Day for Weather

    • In or out of the EU…you don’t need a visa for Derbyshire. Like Yorkshire Dales and moors access to the best bits is relatively easy….but bring crampons if there is a chance of snow! 🙂

  1. Brexit? Please, don’t go there? Let them fight it out amongst themselves. It doesn’t change the people, does it? Or the beautiful things?
    Seriously now… David, your photos are so good and so wonderful that I was asking myself this morning (the rerun) when I watched Countryfile: Have you ever sent in photos? The competition is open again. I would love to see a photo from you in the calendar: “Capture ‘From Dawn Till Dusk’! It’s called this year.

    • Brexit….I am afraid we have been there. Thanks as always for your comments and rich compliments… always welcome. As to Countryfile, apart from not being something I have ever liked to do, I am ineligible for that competition.

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