Wordless Wednesday – Another Favourite Place


Location: Linn of Quoich, Glen Quoich, Braemar, Royal Deeside, Scotland

29th June

(C) David Oakes 2016


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Another Favourite Place

  1. I’d certainly like to visit, especially after recently seeing a TV documentary called ‘Cairngorms: A Year in the Wild’…absolutely fabulous! No wonder my mother loved the place! Lovely photo, David.

    • It is a very varied are. Woods , Lochs, Rivers and High Plateau…not to mention Castles and a good deal of history.. Well worth a visit but you need a little time as there is both a great deal to see and maybe the weather on some days might be a trifle unfriendly. My only regret now is that I haven’t the energy to climb to the very tops and onto the plateau but I have the memories 🙂

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