July 1st……Summer


The Perfect Summers Day…

The bright morning sun in a gin clear Blue sky, glinting across the water and turning the new Oak leaves into green jewels of summer, the breeze just enough to create a light ripple on the Lake.  

Idyllic, you bet.  Just a shame that this July 1st it isn’t a reality.  Rain and grey skies again. Time is running out for summer to kick in….just hope that it does.

1st July

(C) David Oakes 2016


4 thoughts on “July 1st……Summer

  1. We have been much more fortunate in the Pacific Northwest USA. Temps have been in the 25-27c range, with overcast skies in the morning, clearing to bright sunny afternoons. Sorry you are getting soaked!

    • I am just hoping that f this wet theme continues, that the bright intervals eventually become longer and develop ultimately in a great autumn. We have lots of leaf growth this year, the trees are full and its been mild to warm so we have the makings.

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