SUNDAY ….So Off to Church


Selworthy….The Church on the Hillside

Nestling high on the side to Selworthy Beacon is the 15th century attractive  Whitewashed Church of All Saints (though I am told the tower is 14th century – so I would imagine an even older religious building was on this site or thereabouts) .

Selworthy is a small Somerset village of thatched cottages and looks as if it little changed from the time of its creation  and I guess every house within the village can be seen from the Church.


A high arched wooden roof, whitewashed walls, stone pillars and intricately carved pews await you within All Saints all of which have a mystical glow about them on a sunny day.

Stand at the doorway to the church and look out over the surrounding countryside and enjoy the expanse of Exmoor and Dunkery Beacon beyond the thatched roofs of the village.

SELWORTHY Village (2)

The perfect English Village Church overlooking a picture perfect English Village which in turn nestles below some of the best countryside in England

3rd July

(C) David Oakes 2016


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      • I know what you mean, David. I used to post very long articles but then realised that I dont often read the long ones of others. Time is the problem when you follow a lot of bloggers. Sunday mornings are the time when I can sit in bed and read and appreciate others posts as I wish I could always do. There is so much good stuff on WordPress and especially so among the photographic community. So much to learn, so much to absorb, so many good examples, and such creative spirits. Wonderful. You are one of those.

  1. It gives me a bit of a Russian feel. The gold paint and the white walls probably. It’s lovely as are the chocolate box cottages.

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