IS this really summer ?……..

Wet and Wild on Ravens Low Flat, Goyt Moss, Derbyshire

Very nearly the mid point of July with the year rapidly slipping past mid summer,  as yet no real respite in this  run of wet weather.  June ended up as the wettest on record and July has to be well on the way to another record breaker.

Over recent weeks we have often described the rains as monsoon like.  True it is exceptionally heavy at times; but I guess it is rather insulting to those who have to live through proper monsoons….not sure how you manage – obviously of sterner stuff than us.

12th July

(C) David Oakes 2016


14 thoughts on “IS this really summer ?……..

  1. Haven’t you noticed, David? The summer WAS exeptionally short this year! 🙂
    It seems the fall has arrived early? Our forcast preedicts a week with cloudy weather with squalls of rain!
    I’m digging in !

  2. Nothing new… here too. Although I am not complaining wqhen it’s ‘only’ 18º. But clouds, lots of wind and rain don’t look too much like summer.
    As for your photo, David… it could be a Van Goh, seeing the colours and the clouds in the sky.

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