A Change to the Weather…but we hope not a Change too far!


Yesterday, Thursday was just about the mid point in July.  Already the sun has moved past its maximum summer heights and is starting its fall to the south…..not that you would know it with all the heavy cloud and rain we have been “enjoying“. So when we woke to sunshine and near clear skies it was a real treat.

Now I hate to say this, but despite the warm and very welcome sunshine, there was  a  very distinct smell and feel of autumn in the woodland air….I know far too soon we haven’t had summer yet.

But the woods were still a wonderful place to explore offering a mix of heavy leaf coverage to add to the already deep shadows contrasting with the lush growth on the ferns cherishing any gap in the canopy to absorb the suns warmth.


But another sure sign that the seasons are moving along is the Rosebay Willow Herb.  The green growth has been thriving in the warm moist weather and now the rich distinctive pinkie/red flower spikes are starting to flower.


It is classed as a weed, even as a hated invasive specie by many….but for me it is just one of our wild  flowers…..it is also one that will soon be attracting the Bees and many other insects to it nectar over the coming weeks.  That alone should say to those who dislike the plant….Keep your hands off – the Bees need it.

15th July

(C) David Oakes 2016


8 thoughts on “A Change to the Weather…but we hope not a Change too far!

  1. Chamerion angustifolium
    I didn’t know its botanic name or that it also grows in the UK, or its UK name, but here in Canada it’s known as fireweed and is at its peak this week, the last in July.

    • I am told by botanical friends who have sen both the UK and North Americas varieties that there are to them there are differences but they agree that a novice like me would not identify any significant difference. Fireweed sounds dramatic for what we think is a rather soft benign flower (though as I said some folk dislike it) 🙂

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