Sunday….So Off to Church

The Village Church


The Derbyshire village of Castleton is located at the head of the Hope valley, surrounded by hills such as Mam Tor, Loose Hill, Hollins Cross and Win Hill, hills once trod by Roman Soldiers.  It is also overlooked by the remains of a once large and important Norman castle….Peveril Castle.

But like most English villages life is centred around the church.


This is Saint Edmunds Church.  Of Norman origin and much restored in 1837, St. Edmunds has seen the fall of the castle, has been the hub around which the village has been built over the centuries and now a lively centre to  a village that today relies heavily on the Tourist industry to supplement other local long established agricultural and quarrying activities.

Step inside St. Edmunds and I guess you will find there has been little change over the centuries for indeed this is what we imagine historic churches to look and feel like…



Solid Box Pews, high windows, a wooden canopy ceiling, intricate carved arch  illustrate its venerable years, as does some signs of wear to the décor, but for all that a homely place to worship just as it should be for a bustling village.

But the best view of the Church and of Castleton is from the ruined castle walls high on the hill above St. Edmunds.

A Green and pleasant valley were the church still remains at its core.


Hope Valley Panorama from Peveril Castle Walls

P.S.  When I started this series of “Sunday – Off to Church” postings it was simply to allow me to share some of the churches, cathedrals and abbey buildings I have stumbled across in my travels.

I am not religious and  follow only my faith in fellow human beings. But that said I am nearly always moved by these many and varied religious structures that in their own way tell us a good deal about our historical roots…Be it a small isolated country church or majestic cathedral I often simply stand in awe at my surroundings.  I hope you enjoy.

17th July

(C) David Oakes 2016


15 thoughts on “Sunday….So Off to Church

  1. Well, this is a better view of Castleton than the one I endured on a pushbike in the pouring rain many years ago!!

  2. Thank you, David. Another enjoyable post with a lovely series of photos. I especially like the image of the shadows over the church and churchyard. Beautiful!

  3. I thought it was way past time where I should have thanked you for all your magnificent glimpses of life David. I see every image you post, on my phone each morning, but rarely do I look at them on my laptop. I will make sure I do so in future as they are so much more beautiful in larger size. Even better in real life and, as I live 10 miles from Derby, you often give me inspiration to go and visit somewhere for the first time, or to revisit.

    Thank you again for bringing an extra bit of joy into my life.

    • Thank you for taking the trouble to drop a line. I create the blog on a large screen so sometimes I way forget that this should be able to be read on a phone. As you will have guessed we are based in Derbyshire, though I do try to give a broad coverage of locations….if it inspires anyone to visit or revisit a location its done its job…though to be very honest I do only write it for fun. 🙂

  4. I love this series. I have read so many novels that are centered in English villages, and these put even more images to the stories. This one is beautiful.

  5. Beautiful photographs and places, dear David. How nice to watch them… Thank you, today is another day and life goes on… people went to their work. Summer actually very strange in any case for us now. Not easy days but at the end we know this, democracy won. I hope never again this kind of days. Have a nice day, Love, nia

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